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In order to monetize the increasing number of IoT devices, it is essential to choose a billing system that is not a one size fits all solution. Instead, it must be flexible, communicate with any device and have the ability to apply smart measuring of revenues and adjustable billing.

BillRun’s open-source billing solution provides the agility required to interface with any device in any industry. Designed to process limitless data of all types, the system also communicates with any sensor, regardless of transmission mode. The platform is built with scale-out capabilities. 


Multiple Inputs

Data ingestion of an endless number of sources in various formats

Numerous pricing methods

Flat or subscription pricing, different business models, such as upfront/ license or usage/ consumption based charges

Billing On Behalf Of [BoBo]

Providing the smaller solution providers with comprehensive billing solutions

Sensor Aware Pricing Algorithm [SAPA]

Bill and rate customers based on data generated by sensors

Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

Help various service providers to regulate demand by using dynamic pricing and billing.

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