BillRun is creating a paradigm shift in the Telecom industry with its Digital Transformation
A cutting-edge BSS to disrupt your markets with innovative services. Build for tomorrow with an open, scalable and data driven BSS
BillRun Cloud — The cloud implementation of BillRun's billing solution.
BillRun’s full monetization platform — designed for Telecom Operators and other digital businesses.


Customer Portal
Call Generator
BillRun® Digital
Business Platform
An innovative and proven platform that provides Telecom Operators the ability to manage business operations effectively and efficiently at an affordable price. The modular open source platform works with a fully integrated OCS real-time engine, Billing, CRM, automated Customer Portal, Number Portability Gateway and special tools for IoT.
Monetization Platform
Whether you sell prepaid or postpaid plans, or both, the BillRun Monetization Platform offers feature-rich capabilities at lightning speeds. The platform includes a built in mediation module, online/real-time charging engine (OCS) for unlimited scale and various billing scenarios (prepaid, postpaid, hybrid, wholesale, roaming) enabling subscription and usage-based rating and charging.
Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
We engineered an off-the-shelf, open source CRM and propelled it light years ahead by adding new modules for OSS interface, subscriber management and telecom inventory to fit the specific needs of DSPs and telecom operators. Our CRM helps you manage the full process of telecom assets — SIM cards, phones, routers, shipping, delivery and returns as well as different workflows and processes of customers using add-ons including upsell and cross-sell items.
Customer Portal
The BillRun Customer Portal provides end users with the automated online shopping experience they expect, and at the same time ensures that the provider benefits when the online self-service reduces customer care costs and automates many resource intensive, back-end processes. The portal is a major player in contributing to a faster and smoother automated process and enables unsurpassed customer experience and continued revenue assurance for the CSP or Operator.
Call Generator
The BillRun Call Generator is an automated component integrated in the billing system, which generates and routes calls through the network to ensure proper functioning and coverage, while also pinpointing revenue leakages. This fully customizable open-source software supports phone calls, SMS, MMS, voice-mail, auto-answer, and location-based services, in 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies, enabling Telcos to maximize profitability
Number Portability Gateway (NPG)
The BillRun Number Portability Gateway (NPG) is designed to embed porting capabilities in infrastructure. The (NPG) enables recipient carriers to transmit routing information to the relevant mobile and wireline carriers, ensuring complete and rapid system synchronization. Our NPG manages the entire porting and routing process, supports any routing mode and ensures smooth system synchronization, efficiently and with minimum costs.


Pay as You Grow

Take advantage of BillRun Cloud, which offers the identical features as our proven, enterprise-grade billing solution, while avoiding the risk of over-investing during marketplace uncertainty. Pay-as-you-grow design requires no upfront investment and offers easy entry and exit procedures, while providing a reasonably-priced, feature-rich, scalable billing solution that can expand as your company grows.

Enjoy Open Source Platform

The BillRun open source platform is designed to assist CSPs and Operators through a Telecom BSS platform that is fully transparent and open-source while being far less complex than traditional systems. With no “vendor lock” and the ability to leverage community efforts for robust solutions, you can enjoy reduced OPEX costs with the ability to manage all of your subscribers on a single, efficient billing platform.

Respond Instantly to Changes

The market changes all the time, sometimes leaving you scrambling to create new campaigns, subscriber plans or to authenticate subscribers and check account balances. With BillRun, you have the tools to respond instantly by creating a campaign from the CRM, a new plan or to check account balances before delivering service to the end-user, all in real time.

Increase Revenues

Leverage monitoring of service status, track usage and measure revenues across multiple industries, Telecoms and Operators can deliver personalized incentives that improve loyalty, stimulate usage and boost revenues, while displaying highly-granular dynamic parameters to big data.

Scale Out Seamlessly

Designed to handle vast amounts of data, BillRun’s cutting-edge, robust technology is able to scale out seamlessly to accommodate fast growth. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the same high-speed performance and flexibility smaller users receive are guaranteed even when the customer base increases significantly, while at the same time getting accurate predictions of the costs involved in future expansion.

Join the Digital Transformation Experience

Join the digital transformation and provide your users with an automated customer portal that uses the BillRun Workflow Engine to facilitate the automation and implementation of activities that are planned to be automated. The self-care portal helps reduce customer care costs, while contributing to a faster and more efficient automated process, helping to improve your bottom line.

Select an Integrated Platform

The integrated platform includes a Telecom eco-system that stands on a solid foundation of open source billing, integrated CRM and automated customer portal. These three pillars, working together, create the basis of a system that enables unsurpassed customer experience and continued revenue assurance. The modular approach means that you can use one module or choose the entire suite to manage your business operations effectively and efficiently at an affordable price.

Adopt Innovative Business Models

The BillRun platform is designed to accommodate a variety of business models for Telecom Operators, IoT providers and businesses from other industries wishing to deploy dynamic, usage based and innovative billing. The platform enables all types of usages, including tier or volume based, with aggregated and conditional discounts and form the backbone of a solid yet flexible business platform for today’s and tomorrow’s companies.



More and more businesses worldwide put their trust in our Open-Source solutions:
“Due to the resource-intensive maintenance of our legacy systems, we were looking for a simple and yet sophisticated solution for our billing. BillRun's platform not only helps us reduce costs substantially but it also gives us the flexibility needed in today's fast pace environment to adapt to changes and introduce new features. I'd highly recommend BillRun to any company looking for a big data billing solution”
“Pelephone aims to continuously enhance its core infrastructure. This new system is one of its kind in Israel. It provides us with advanced high-accuracy monitoring of data usage, and the ability to increase capacity in real time, per customer needs. This is an additional step in our successful collaboration with BillRun Technologies, which included the installation of a new mobile number portability solution, also developed by BillRun”
“It is probably one of the first times in the world that an incumbent operator offering a complete B-to-B and B-to-C telecom solution for mobile, fixed, television, voice, data and hosting has accomplished such a transformation. We have chosen BillRun as our partner because BillRun is one of the best open-source billing systems”

BillRun® CLOUD

BillRun Cloud is the cloud implementation of BillRun’s billing solution. It is tailored to MVNO/MVNEs, VoIP providers, digital businesses and SMBs.


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