The perfect SaaS billing solution for VoIP Telecom operators

Telecom VoIP providers need a robust and feature rich billing solution to support their growing needs to address customer’s requirements and market conditions. 

BillRun Cloud provides the perfect SaaS billing solution for VoIP Telecom operators. The platform is configurable to accommodate any type of data records, import of various types of rates and update prices, generate multitude of reports and manage an unlimited number of products, services and discounts.


Input Processor

The input processor is BillRun’s engine for ingesting CDR and converting the records into a consistent format for BillRun to work with.


The receiver checks FTP/SFTP server in set intervals for new CDRs to process, there can be multiple receivers per input processor.

Individual input processor

For cases in which there are multiple types of CDRs that need to be processed differently. An input processor will be created for each type of CDR.


In some cases a single type of CDR has different activity types that each has different processing rules, this can also be defined in the input processor as long as the CDR has fields that differentiate the activity types.

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