Digital Transformation as Solution

The Digital Transformation that is affecting the telecommunications industry is not unlike the changes happening in other industries. Answering the expectations of consumers is necessary to survive today. What is sure is that it is imperative to speak the language of consumers and provide services in the way that they expect. Buying services from a CSP or Operator is no different for a consumer than booking a flight online or making a purchase from Amazon. Not only does the consumer expect the immediacy in a digital experience, but the provider also benefits when the online self-service reduces customer care costs, while contributing to a faster and smoother automated process.

Driving Digital Transformation (DX) requires significant changes in the overall business — it starts with the business and operational processes and involves the required skills and employee profiles who will utilize the tools for support. The changes in processes enable the automatization of various internal and external, customer-facing interactions. BillRun makes the Digital Transformation easy by providing an Open Source, modular platform, designed for Big Data, with automated engines that manage various processes and functions.

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BillRun!® designed a platform to assist CSPs and Operators meet these expectations through a Telecom eco-system that stands on a solid foundation of open source billing, integrated CRM and automated customer portal. These three pillars, working together, create the basis of a system that enables unsurpassed customer experience and continued revenue assurance for the CSP or Operator — a win-win situation.



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