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Will your legacy infrastructure sustain the volume, quality, and costs associated with IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) “industry” is in its early stages right now. With the proliferation of IoT, the need for enterprises to manage and optimize their connectivity costs is now crucial to growth. So far, there is no clear business model, application, or trend that is perceived to lead the industry. There are many different models, tools and platforms, applications, and solutions but none of them have emerged as a “Killer App” yet.

In preparation for the expected explosive growth of IoT, Telecom Operators will need to provide their enterprise customers with a robust, yet flexible platform to optimize the usage and connectivity of their devices. The problem is that Telecom Operators’ infrastructure was not designed to handle the huge number of devices and sensors that are expected to be deployed by customers. They will also expect additional services such as flexible rates and billing plans, various types of provisioning statuses — active, in the test, suspended, etc. multiple billing levels. The legacy infrastructure of most of the operators cannot sustain the volume, the quality, and the costs associated with this new exploding demand. 

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With the uncertainty on the ROI, most Telecom operators are hesitant to go through a complete modernization of their current IT infrastructure, especially since they need to prioritize their expenses with newer technologies like 5G.

IoTRun provides the perfect match as it provides an open-source, scalable platform, with “Pay as You Go” commercial plans, with unique IoT features and co-exists with their current legacy infrastructure. BillRun’s open-source billing solution provides the agility required to interface with any device in any industry. Designed to process limitless data of all types, the system also communicates with any sensor, regardless of transmission mode. It enables various indispensable features for Telecom operators offering IoT services and businesses that generate and provide new breeds of services in various industries.


  • Multiple Inputs

    Multiple Inputs

    BillRun enables data ingestion of endless number of sources in various formats. Separate mediation module is not needed; a built-in function takes just a few minutes to configure each data source.
  • Business and Pricing Models

    Business and Pricing Models

    BillRun!® has numerous pricing methods, from flat, subscription pricing to tiered, volume, triggered and other pricing techniques as well as various business models, such as upfront/license charge, usage/consumption based, flat/subscription fees and combined approaches.
  • Scale-out


    IoT will need to process vast amounts of data and require a platform that will facilitate scale-out capabilities. BillRun!® was designed for such processing, built from the ground up, by using scale out tools at the data storage [No-SQL] and compute layers.
  • Split Billing

    Split Billing

    with IoT there will be a dramatic increase in the volume of transactions, while the monetary value of these transactions will be minimal. When the customer payment is split among various entities BillRun is designed to accommodate multiple entities.
  • Billing on Behalf of [BoBo]

    Billing on Behalf of [BoBo]

    BillRun!® offers users the tools to support the full eco-system by providing the smaller solution providers with comprehensive billing solutions they couldn’t afford, as a service.
  • Sensor Aware Pricing Algorithm [SAPA]

    Sensor Aware Pricing Algorithm [SAPA]

    sensors transmit data. This data is ingested by BillRun!® as input and the system can bill and rate customers based on data generated by sensors.
  • Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

    Dynamic Pricing Algorithm

    regulate demand by using BillRun!’s dynamic pricing and billing.


Are you a small or medium-sized company thinking of deploying IoT?

Are you a small or medium-sized company thinking of deploying IoT?

Are you a mobile carrier, exploring how to expand into IoT?

Are you a mobile carrier, exploring how to expand into IoT?


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