Whether you need a Prepaid or a Postpaid Billing platform, or you are considering to automate your business processes, whether you are  looking for a CRM, or an easy to implement customer Portal - we have the right solution for your business.


Digital Business Platform (BSS)

BillRun’s cutting-edge Business Support System (BSS) is an innovative software platform, developed for new Digital Service Providers (DSPs). It gives Telecom Operators the ability to manage their business operations effectively and efficiently at an affordable price and outpace their competition.


Prepaid Monetization Platform

The sophisticated, agile billing system enables operators to provide innovative solutions; respond effectively and rapidly to market needs; and offer customers attractive plans. The monetization platform utilizes a sophisticated rule-driven online-charging engine, calculates complex data usage, and processes online transactions at the rate of thousands of requests per second.


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The innovative billing solution provides real-time high-performance convergent rating and charging, designed to handle billions of event records monthly. It’s been designed to increase revenues in telecom companies of any size - early-stage operators from their inception as well as large scale, mature organizations.


Call Generator

BillRun’s Call-Generator and Revenue Assurance module is an automated component integrated in the billing system. It generates and routes calls through the network and monitors the network’s integrity to ensure proper functioning and coverage. This solution has been developed to maximize profitability for telcos, by detecting and preventing revenue leakages.


Number Portability Gateway (NPG)

Billrun’s NPG makes it easy for wireline and mobile operators to comply with number portability standards. Billrun streamlines internal porting operations of each carrier, and integrates them with national regulation processes, including central databases and clearing-houses. This enables the transmission of routing information to the relevant mobile and wireline carriers, ensuring complete and rapid system synchronization.


Customer Portal

The Billrun Customer Portal offers consumers a smooth and rich digital experience. They can purchase, activate, change packages, add/remove services, invoices, track orders and more. For providers the online self-service reduces customer care costs while contributing to a faster automated process.


Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Billrun’s CRM helps bolstering sales, analyzing customer behavior, improving retention and managing clients. And it’s been built specifically for the Telecom industry. Take advantage of the OSS interface, subscriber management, the telecom inventory feature, full customer life cycle and much more. 

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