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When operating an SMB or startup, every large acquisition has to be rationalized in terms of priorities and ROI. Most SMBs and startups can't afford to purchase and maintain a Business Support System (BSS) platform. Standalone platforms require constant support, they are costly to handle and require management overhead. Many businesses instead opt for simplified business models such as “flat subscription” taking the approach of “one size fits all”. 

BillRun Cloud addresses these issues with a Billing as a Service solution, providing small and medium businesses in Telecom, utilities and transportation industries as well as startups in other industries, with a comprehensive platform to manage business relations with customers, starting from measuring the usage of services and offerings, to billing customers and managing collection and payments.

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BillRun Cloud requires no upfront investment, offering easy entry and exit procedures, and providing a reasonably-priced, scalable billing solution that can expand with the company. Suitable for a variety of environments and services, BillRun Cloud is a multi-currency, multi-lingual system, fully secured through SSL encryption.

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