Digital Business Platform (BSS)


A cutting edge, open source, agile and affordable platform for Telecom operators planning to disrupt their markets

BillRun’s Business Support System (BSS) is an innovative software platform, developed for new Digital Service Providers (DSPs). We designed this platform, with the latest technologies in order to provide CSPs and Operators a Telecom eco-system that stands on a solid foundation of open source billing, integrated CRM and automated customer portal. These three pillars, working together, create the basis of a system that enables unsurpassed customer experience and continued revenue assurance for the CSP or Operator — a win-win situation. BillRun’s BSS is a modular coupled platform, enabling Telecom Operators the ability to manage their business operations effectively and efficiently at an affordable price.



  • Modules can be accessed through the web, mobile, tablets, etc.
  • Flexible — Can run on-premises, on private or public clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure).
  • Fully accessible — through APIs and/or friendly UI.
  • Built-in tools enable you to configure and customize additional fields and generate reports.
  • Multiple modules — includes product, customer, revenues and order management modules.


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The BillRun BSS is made up of different modules:

  • BillRun Monetization Platform — a full monetization platform, based on a sophisticated OCS engine, prepaid and postpaid, open source with embedded mediation utility, engineered for scale-out.
  • BillRun Customer Relationship Manager — an open source, API driven, CRM, with a powerful workflow engine, high availability and crafted for the specific needs of Telecom operators.
  • BillRun Customer Portal — the path to digital — an open, flexible and dynamic customer portal, providing users with tools and utilities to set up their account and preferences.
  • Call Generator — BillRun’s Call Generator and Revenue Assurance solution maximizes profitability for Telcos by detecting revenue leakages.
  • Number Portability Gateway — an open-source software solution that enables Telecom companies to perform mobile number portability.
  • BillRun Cloud — a feature-rich, affordable cloud-based billing generators for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.



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