BillRun! offers two options for billing:


BillRun!’s Postpaid Billing process is feature-rich and includes all types of services (voice, data, SMS, other types such as distance, video content, and any other type that can be configured by the user), variable billing frequency, sophisticated discounts, and allowances engine, sharing and pooling of services and many more. BillRun Postpaid Billing is based on the same OCS (online charging system) engine as in the prepaid billing. This engine enables the use of real-time features for postpaid Billing.

BillRun® is a unique, affordable billing solution that provides real-time high-performance convergent rating and charging, designed to handle billions of event records monthly and to increase revenues in telecom companies of any size. Remarkably flexible, BillRun® includes a sophisticated rating engine that incorporates data from various sources, such as calls, text messages, data usage and M2M/IoT into the billing process, enabling easy customization and personalization according to specific business needs, and seamless integration with any CRM system. BillRun® can either be installed on customer premises, or accessed through the cloud as BillRun as a Service, designed to address the needs of both early-stage operators from their inception, and large scale, mature organizations.


  • Scaleout architecture

    Built in OCS allowing real time usage monitoring for postpaid customers
  • Flexible and adjustable Enterprise Product Catalog

    Various usage monetization models features (by day/hour, tiered/volume based, capped, etc)
  • Sophisticated Discounts engine allowing extensive convergence and customer personalization

  • Robust input processing engine enabling new CDRs definitions in minutes

  • Fully convergent billing, enabling various combinations of services



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