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The Digital transformation that is affecting the telecommunications industry is not unlike the changes happening in other industries. Answering the expectations of consumers is necessary to survive today. Buying services from a CSP or Operator is no different for a consumer than booking a flight online or making a purchase from Amazon. Not only does the consumer expect the immediacy in a digital experience, but the provider also benefits when the online self-service reduces customer care costs while contributing to a faster and smoother automated process.

BillRun® designed a platform to assist CSPs and operators meet these expectations through a Telecom eco-system that stands on a solid foundation of open source billing, integrated CRM and automated customer portal. These three pillars, working together, create the basis of a system that enables unsurpassed customer experience and continued revenue assurance for the CSP or Operator — a win-win situation.

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The customer portal is integrated with BillRun®CRM enabling a uniform customer experience. Both your customers and CSRs see the same information with the identical UI. The connectivity to BillRun®CRM enables the portal to trigger various actions and procedures that are documented in the CRM with the CRM managing their execution through a robust workflow mechanism.


  • Built with Joomla

    Built with Joomla

    manage the self-care and customer sections of your website with the same graphical user interface.
  • MVC framework

    MVC framework

    make the UI layer separate from its logic, enabling you to fully customize the graphical interface.
  • Open source stack

    Open source stack

    fully transparent to customers, no ‘vendor lock’ and leverage community efforts for robust solutions.
  • Fully secured

    Fully secured

    Supports 2FA, uses advanced Password Policy tool, all data is secured and encrypted using SSL and is GDPR compliant.
  • Scalable


    you can scale the platform from 0 to millions of end-users as you grow your customer base.
  • Mobile ready

    Mobile ready

    the responsive template enables complete access from desktops, smart phones and tablets.
  • Total customer care

    Total customer care

    your customers can do it all:
    purchase, activate, change packages, add/remove services, invoices, track orders and more.
  • Receive updated information on the customer’s subscriptions

    Receive updated information on the customer’s subscriptions

    usage levels of calls, SMS’s, data, roaming as well as current and past invoices.
  • Update and change preferences

    Update and change preferences

    modify and update profile selections such as: Activate or deactivate services.
  • Enable or disable

    Enable or disable

    roaming and international services.
  • Add or change subscription plans.

    Add or change subscription plans.



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