Mobi, the largest wireless provider based in Hawaiʻi, announced today that it has selected BillRun as its BSS platform for its expansion to the mainland United States.

HONOLULU and TEL AVIV, February 26, 2019 / PRNewswire

Mobi launched in 2005 as the only wireless provider dedicated to providing affordable and reliable wireless service across Hawaiʻi. The company plans to launch no contract, no credit check wireless service with a new, straightforward plan and simple, low cost pricing throughout the mainland United States later this year.

"When we made the decision to grow the Mobi brand to the mainland, we knew that having a modern billing and customer care solution was critical to delivering a great experience for our customers both here in Hawaiʻi and throughout the U.S.," said Justen Burdette, chief executive officer of Mobi. "As an open source platform, BillRun provides us tremendous flexibility and scalability, backed by their extensive product, engineering, and operations expertise. Their success in tailoring the BillRun suite to meet the unique needs of a number of both established and disruptive telecom providers around the world speaks for itself, and we’re excited to be the first wireless provider in the U.S. to leverage their innovative technology and deep experience."

"As an established regional wireless provider, Mobi recognized that the need for a flexible and scalable billing system was key to the success of their expansion strategy," said Ofer Cohen, chief executive officer of BillRun. "We are proud to have developed an integrated suite of billing, CRM, and a modern customer self-care portal to support innovative wireless providers like Mobi. The BillRun customer onboarding and engagement process makes the customer experience easy, simple, and fully automated. Customers onboard themselves, without any manual intervention, and can complete the entire sales process within a couple of minutes. The customer portal includes self-care for the digital era, which enables the customer to manage their account and mobile service with a click of a button, using their desktop or smartphone."

Mobi will utilize the BillRun platform to enable its industry-first, app-based customer onboarding, including a simple three-step "Switch to Mobi" tool powered by digital wallets like Apple Pay and eSIM provisioning for compatible devices like the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xʀ.

"As our first wireless project in the United States," Cohen added, "we have worked closely with Mobi and others in the industry to understand the unique needs of MNOs and MVNOs in this market. We believe there's a significant opportunity to bring a disruptive BSS solution to wireless providers in North America that enable greater flexibility and cost savings than the monolithic legacy systems that dominate the industry today."

"While the billing and CRM system that a wireless provider chooses might seem like a technical detail, we see it as a core part of our ability to deliver a great customer experience," said Chi Nguyen, vice president for care at Mobi. "Many customers find recurring billing problems and missing promised promotional pricing or account credits to be some of the biggest pain points in dealing with their wireless carrier. Even just updating your credit card can be a huge hurdle," she added. "By partnering with BillRun, we're able to provide reliable and straightforward billing along with simple, customer-friendly options like Apple Pay."

"Innovative providers like Mobi can clearly see the benefits of using BillRun BSS in their disruptive market strategy," said Koby Lif, Head of Sales and Marketing at BillRun Technologies. "Superb customer experience, from onboarding through to ongoing account management, and throughout the lifecycle, was a key requirement for Mobi. Partnering with BillRun, leveraging its flexible architecture and automated tools, will enable a great customer experience."

"We're able to take advantage of the native API support that is at the core of the BillRun platform to enable our industry-first iOS and Android app-based customer onboarding flow and seamless eSIM provisioning," said Brad Coates, vice president for product at Mobi. "While the big wireless providers here in the U.S. have been hesitant to embrace eSIM, we see it as a truly disruptive, customer-friendly technology. Mobi customers with devices like the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xʀ will be able to easily give us a try without the typical hassle of ordering and swapping SIMs."

"Having an integrated solution like BillRun for customer relationship management allows us to provide a consistently great customer experience across all of our channels — ecommerce, retail, and partners," said Toni Paracuelles, vice president for retail at Mobi. "One of the biggest disconnects for the bigger wireless providers has always been having to bolt together different legacy systems for billing, retail, care, and ecommerce. BillRun enables a truly seamless experience for our customers, whether they're working with a Mobi team member in store — or managing their own account online or through the Mobi app."

“We understood from our earliest conversations with the Mobi team that customer satisfaction was their most critical requirement,” said David Firestein, Sales Manager at BillRun.  “We have a clear, revolutionary vision to provide Mobi and other wireless providers with the latest open source, full BSS technology to address that challenging need. We believe our partnership will help enable an incredible, industry-leading customer experience for Mobi’s customers.”

About BillRun Technologies Ltd.

BillRun, based in Tel Aviv, has revolutionized the telecommunications industry with its flexible, reliable, and cost effective open source billing and CRM solutions. BillRun specializes in providing scalable and modern solutions for telecommunications companies of all sizes, including MNOs, MVNOs, and IoT connectivity providers. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter at @BillRun_Billing.


About Mobi, Inc.

Mobi has helped connect families, friends, and colleagues since 2005 as the largest wireless provider based in Hawaiʻi. The company was the first to offer no contract, credit check, no nonsense plans and pricing throughout the Islands. Mobi is a member of the Competitive Carriers Association (CCA), the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC), the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), and the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). Learn more at or follow us on Twitter at @Mobi.



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