New Billrun Features

BillRun is excited to announce several new features which will greatly improve the experience of our growing customer base.

The goal of all of our new upgrades is to help providers increase revenue through smart billing.


Feature #1: Customer Invoice Customization


Customer invoices are the perfect way to promote and convey the operator’s branding and messages. Whether it's a different look and feel of invoice layout based on account type or just the convenience of having invoices in different languages, Billrun’s new version delivers customization and personalization features users are going to love.


Feature #2: Customer Segmentation


Customer segmentation is one of the most important additions, allowing providers to create different content for different audiences. Savvy marketers know that customized messaging and personalized service increases revenue. Billrun has the tools to optimize returns on your billing activities.


Feature #3: Better Integration


Improved payment features integrate seamlessly with payment processing providers. "Custom payments files' ' allow integration with any payment gateway for clearance, and to configure and create these files sent from/to BillRun to/from the payment gateway. This feature simplifies adding new payment gateways and providers.


Feature #4: Pay in Installments


Collection and payment installment utility lets customers pay in installments. This feature lets the company split customer debt/balance, by spreading the debt/balance payments by a number of installments or by an installment amount per month. When you use this feature, BillRun automatically charges the remaining installments every month. This utility is helpful for managing payments and activating payment-based promotions.


Features to come in future versions:


  • Improved integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Billrun currently integrates with it’s own CRM. 
  • Option to have a third party pay for the customer’s invoice (e.g. an employer)
  • Customer hierarchies with unlimited possibilities. e.g. company, departments, teams, customer/ subscriber. Define who has access to which data.
  • Multi currency features with more options
  • Define different prices based on custom parameters


Stay tuned for more updates and reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to hear how we can help you customize BillRun to meet your needs.



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