Our professional developers use NetBeans IDE, and our bug tracker is JIRA which is hosted on Atlassian. In addition, we are using BitBucket as git hosting, and is integrated to JIRA.

JIRA Netbeans integrationOur developers love to make things shorter so they report and find an issues, put comments while commit and even solved bugs on commit, directly from NetBeans IDE.

You can integrate it in few steps:

  1. Go to plugins and install the JIRA plugin.
  2. Restart the IDE, and go into services tab.
  3. Right click on Issue Trackers in the list.
  4. Press Create Issue Tracker.
  5. In the window that open fill the properties of your JIRA, including user and password (see demonstration in the image above).
  6. You can validate if connection established.
  7. Press ok when you finish.

After you configure it, you can right click on the new item in the services tag (under Issue Trackers), and search for an issue or report one.

In addition, on commit, you can change issue status and make the commit comment to be issue comment.

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