Showcasing BillRun’s fraud detection system

Showcasing BillRun’s fraud detection system: Excuse me, but someone’s hacking your phone


BillRun’s Fraud detection system is imperative for any mobile user travelling abroad, whereby roaming and overages can be prohibitively expensive - particularly in the unfortunate event of falling prey to a mobile hacker abroad, who succeeds in capturing your calling account.

Establishing typical user profiles

Many fraud detection systems are engineered based on non-flexible SQL databases, making it difficult to define specific requirements. In BillRun’s fraud detection system the carrier’s PCRF (policy and charging rules function) component is integrated in BillRun’s open-source system, which provides ample flexibility and easy configurability, without being limited to predefined scenarios. Using BillRun, new fields can be added to define new parameters, such as: a calling package for traveling abroad; or number of days the user intends to travel. This provides a detailed and highly-accurate mobile usage profile. The system instantly detects when users have reached or exceeded their predefined calling package, cross-checking with the users’ typical past calling durations abroad.


Multiple parameters provide supreme flexibility
While other fraud-detection systems are designed to track usage of total air time when traveling abroad, BillRun calculates the total mobile charge, per hour, per geographic area in the duration abroad. Alternatively, BillRun can interface with a sensor installed, for example, in a truck, and can be configured to alert in the event that the truck driver exceeded the predefined daily driving quota.
Such flexibility enables easy detection of suspicious patterns and instant seamless fraud detection. The system can be configured to send a message to the carrier alerting about possible anomalous behaviour, for example: a user who talked for 100 minutes in the past year when traveling abroad could receive an alert when talk time exceeds 5 minutes after 20 minutes of talking.
Alternatively, the system enables predefining usage according to recurring events, for example: Users could be alerted about each GB of data usage, or according to price increments, for example, whenever talk time exceeds another $5.

Sharing the same billing-system code reduces costs
BillRun’s fraud detection system is installed on a separate server residing near the billing server, and shares the same code as the billing system, as well as some of its data. This reduces costs by eliminating the need for integration of a separate system.






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