Showcasing module of the month: Discounts


Showcasing module of the month: Discounts

BillRun’s discount module provides a major advantage in its flexibility, enabling the addition of new functionality in your system’s code. Companies easily manage discounts in each individual user’s account, according to any predefined parameters. For example, subscribers over 65 can get an automatic senior discount on their monthly bill; a company employee can receive free calls from a dedicated mobile phone; and any account can be predefined not to allow a negative balance.

Basically, by implementing a single calculation logic, discounts are automatically applied to any 3rd party program interfacing with BillRun’s billing, eliminating the need to calculate individual discounts on each application, thereby saving time and minimizing the risk of error.

How to apply discounts is your choice
An additional benefit is that the system can be programmed to apply a predefined discount percentage on the entire charged sum, which could be used, for example, in the event that a company is providing its employees with a phone for the purpose of QA testing.

Alternatively, a discount can be applied to only a part of the bill, for example only to the usage fee charge, and not to international calls which might not be part of the user’s program.

Different discounts can essentially be applied to any type of charge defined in the CRM, including TV, mobile calls or internet plans, or, to part of a month, rather than to the entire month, for example, in the event that a user switched plans in the middle of the month, and will accordingly receive a discount on the latter part of the month.

BillRun’s discount module supports pro-rating of charges and credits, for example: Subscriber who left the plan in the middle of the month will be credited both for the plan and for any future charges. By entering a start date and end date for any future discount, the system will calculate future credit for a one-time discount, or for a recurring monthly discount, where applicable.



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