Lastly we moved our website to Amazon and after configure Joomla, Nginx and MySQL, we received “Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error” from Joomla.

One of our expertise is to give our clients high-availability products. In many solutions we are implementing different types of replication.

Our favor replication is master-master or active-active, which give the product stability and long-term life-cycle. MySQL can implement it easily, and this blog post come to give simple quick-start guide to beginners and advanced MySQL users


MySQL master-master implemented as Master-Slave in dual-way, means every master think the other is slave and opposite. We will demonstrate 2 servers of replication but you can do it with 3 or more, in star topology. In addition, each master can have one or more slaves to scale reads (very recommended on master-master). 

We will implement the master-master in Amazon (AWS EC2) environment with AMI Linux distribution, but you can do it in your own environment with your favorite distribution.



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