Open-source is emerging as a game-changing technology, replacing old world business models. Telecom companies - realizing they can no longer address their customer needs by patching their legacy technologies - are embracing this new paradigm shift.

Are you a small- or medium-size company looking for an affordable billing system that will expand as your company grows?

BillRun Cloud is an open-source billing solution for startups and SMBs, experiencing rapidly-increasing plans and customers. Designed with the latest scale-out technologies, BillRun seamlessly expands as your business grows - from the first day of operation, to handling billions of events a day.

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“I predict we will be witnessing two major trends in the coming year: The first, is that of large CSPs (communications service providers) who will begin to replace their costly, cumbersome billing solutions they've been using in the last two decades.


These old systems can no longer handle rapid changes, which include the embracing of new products, services and technologies introduced to the market, such as LTE, 5G, IoT, and LoRa (Low-Range)”, says Koby Lif, Head of Sales and Marketing at BillRun. “Implementing these changes in old billing systems is becoming increasingly complex, resulting in millions of dollars spent on billing systems that lack the sufficient speed and agility”, added Lif.

The second major trend Lif foresees in the coming year is cloud billing.

Many outdated billing systems provide data packages only if purchased as individual plans. However, BillRun’s open-source technology offers advanced usage-sharing, enabling operators to reduce subscribers’ monthly bills, by sharing data or other pooled resources.

There are many players in the evolving ecosystem of connected cars. The natural players - automobile manufacturers - are now competing against companies such as Apple and Google, not just in the autonomous car market – which is still in its infancy – but in the entire industry of connected cars.



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