The growing popularity of IPTV and other major content provider services such as Netflix, is prompting more viewers to move to streaming services, resulting in many TV subscribers leaving their cable operators. This trend is greatly increasing internet bandwidth consumption, putting considerable strain on existing network infrastructure, and making it difficult for communication service providers (CSPs) to maintain a rich quality of experience (QoE) for each network user.

Several CSPs have already implemented usage-based bandwidth billing plans through metered pricing. To ensure the success of such a service, it is essential to make subscribers aware of the problem, and highlight the benefits of switching to this new solution. Successful implementation also depends on the ability of CSPs to accurately measure and report per-subscription bandwidth, and easily share that information with customers.

To optimize networks while ensuring fair-access is granted to every user on the network, CSPs are charging heavy network users more than lighter users, and using these revenues to finance infrastructure upgrades that will satisfy QoE for all subscribers.

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