Have you ever waited a while for a query to finish only to find out that it's not going to end in a reasonable time? Does your system consist of many shards?

MSISDN is international standard for phone numbers. Billing systems required to identified two major cases where some of the phone numbers are international, and some others are local numbers without the international extension. Most of the billing systems handle this scenarios in different approaches and styles.

Last week we present about BillRun in the MongoDB User Group in Israel.

The presentation took place on John Bryce college and about 30 participants arrived. This is the first time the solution is talked publicity out of the internet zone, so a lot of questions raised. Feel free to contact us with questions or more info.

BillRun Technologies Ltd., home of BillRun, is seeking for outstanding junior developers and graduate students.

Many developers are unaware of the great power that Xdebug tool adds to the process of debugging a php project. In this article I will explain how to install and set up Xdebug for Ubuntu (and perhaps other linux distributions) users. After following the instructions you will be able to debug your php project whether you run it on your local Apache web server or via the command line ("cli"). The IDE is assumed to be NetBeans.



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