Africacom 2017

This is the second consecutive year that BillRun Technologies team will attend the AfricaCom conference and exhibition, scheduled to take place November 7-9 in Cape Town, South Africa.

BillRun’s walk-through tutorial is the easiest way to familiarize new users with the billing system, sparing them the anxiety of getting thrown into the deep end.

IoT is capturing more and more headlines as the next new IT trend. An increasing number of leading IT vendors are investing in this sphere, and numerous startups have emerged - seizing new market opportunities. However, a flexible business model is critical for ensuring successful implementation of these IoT initiatives.


Revenue leakage occurs when services are delivered without being billed. This is a growing concern for telecom operators, as revenue leakages can range from 1% to 5% of their total annual revenues. BillRun’s Call-Generator and Revenue Assurance solution maximizes profitability for telcos, by detecting leakage and preventing it from ever happening. 

Money-based charge for Postpaid plans, non-prorated billing and automatic U.S. tax calculation are some BillRun’s newest cloud billing features. The latter enables our U.S. customers to add U.S. taxes and fees to customer bills. The system automatically calculates the combined sales and use tax rates, including the state rate plus any local tax rate imposed by a city, county, or school district, and applies the rate to every customer bill. 



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